Pothole Repair

Potholes can be a nightmare for those who are experiencing this problem. Potholes happen when moisture gets under the pavement. It gets cold and eventually expands. Unfortunately, this weakens the pavement. The more than a vehicle drives over the same pothole, over and over again, it continues to loosen the asphalt. There are some homeowners who will try to handle the problem on their own only to realize that they are only masking the problem and not really addressing the underlying issue. Many videos online will make you think that you can handle your own pothole repairs. While we do not doubt that you can do this, whether the job will be done right or not is the question. Our contractors at Northern Virginia Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating are able to provide you with a thorough repair job.


Pothole Repair Process

When you watch videos online that are supposed to outline how to repair potholes, what you may not realize is that many of them leave out a step or two. It could be that one step that is important to your achieving lasting benefits. Our experienced contractors know exactly what to do and how to do it. They begin repairing your pothole by removing the area that is damaged. After removing excess asphalt, they will then apply an adhesive before the asphalt is added. Finally, the asphalt is leveled off and smoothed out with a pavement roller. While this process definitely sounds simple enough, the job still needs to be performed perfectly so that no flaws are revealed.


Why Potholes Occur

There are several reasons why you may experience problems with potholes. There may not be enough adhesive, which causes cracking. This is when the water gets in the cracks and contracts when the weather changes. It can dislodge any repairs made. Also, if you experience dishing this can cause a problem that creates potholes. Dishing happens when the mixture that was used to make repairs was not compacted correctly. The way that the mix is made and the way that it is applied to a pothole can determine if the job is done right or not. If it was not, it will manifest itself eventually in the form of another pothole. Regardless of why you are experiencing problems with potholes, we assure you that we will be able to offer you the help that will provide you with lasting benefits.


Why Choose Northern Virginia Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating

We offer a professional job every time! When someone relies on our services, they can be sure that they will always get what they pay for. We don’t take our time about getting you the help that you need because we know the extent of the damages that potholes can create. It isn’t something that you should take chances with, especially if you do not wish to have an expensive repair bill. Our contractors are committed to your total satisfaction and this is why they inspect every job that they perform.


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